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Part One: EasyDECON DF200, Biodegradable Solution; Overview, Commercial/Military Uses
June 10, 2019 09:27 AM PDT
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Guest, Bill Young (Technical Advisor) Owner, Mold n More Decontamination
- www.moldnmoredecon.com

EasyDECON DF200, Developed by Sandia National Laboratories Albuquerque, NM, late 1990’s at the request of the U.S. Department of Defense (DOD). EasyDECON DF200, neutralizes/destroys weaponized anthrax, biological and chemical weapons. Inherently biodegradable, leaving no ecological footprint - www.sandia.gov

The only licensed manufacturer for EasyDECON; Intelagard Inc located in Broomfield Colorado. www.Intelagard.com

EPA certified/registered, proven to achieve a 7-log kill (99.99999%) against biological weapons of mass destruction. Up to 50% Soil Load.

Commercial/Private Sector Disinfectant:

Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Dorm Rooms, First Responders, Locker Rooms, Cruise Ships, Schools, Airports, Stadiums/Arenas...


• Spring 2018, Syria, chemical attack
• Fall 2001, Anthrax attacks (DC, NYC, WPB FL)
• Fall 2014, Ebola Virus Dallas TX.
• Spring 2013, Boston Marathon Bombing.

Magnum PI, Part Two (Memories are Forever) John Aberle / Peter Fleming
July 17, 2018 09:30 AM PDT
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A must review any Magnum PI Fan: The most detailed/In-depth website ever created. www.magnummania.com

John Aberle/Peter Fleming, discuss everything Magnum; Part Two: Specific episodes/characters/plots are discussed. Peter and I agree the final episode was bad, horrible.

We discuss the magnum reboot (not much to discuss) We debate/theorize on the number one most asked question - Is Higgens, Robin Masters?

Mystery question:

You know who you are, you thought about it. Whenever you watched a scene in the tidal pool, you would say to yourself "What is that box' Magnum sometimes sits on.

Peter has the answer: That is why he has been given the title Magnum PI super-fan.

Everything Magnum PI. Hosts, John Aberle/Peter Fleming; Part One; Memories are Forever
July 17, 2018 09:28 AM PDT
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Everything Magnum PI, Part One; Memories are Forever

Hosts; John Aberle/Peter Fleming

A must review for any Magnum PI Fan: The most detailed/In-depth website ever created. www.magnummania.com

John Aberle/Peter Fleming, discuss everything Magnum; From the conception of the show to the evolution/growth of the main characters. The dynamics between Magnum/Higgins. Vietnam/the impact it had on Magnum, TC, Rick.

The discussion that follows leads to the second biggest question asked about the show: Why Magnum PI/What was the appeal to women to men? Without the male audience, magnum might have lasted two seasons.

Dr. Andrew Kramer; Erectile Dysfunction, causes, options. Considered one of the top 3 penile implant surgeon's in the world
March 19, 2018 09:23 AM PDT
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Kramer Urology; Specializing in:

• Prostatectomy/cystectomy/nephrectomy for malignancy
• Simultaneous bilateral nephrectomy for PCKD with live donor transplant
• Penile implant surgery including revisions, repairs, correction of Peyronie’s disease
• Microsurgical vasectomy reversal and testicular/epididymal sperm extraction

Doctor Kramer is considered one of the top three penile implant surgeons in the world. Dr. Kramer has done over 5000 three-piece penile implant placements and is the world’s highest volume doctor for revisions in the past decade. Patients come from all over for his skills as a penile implant surgeon and for his personable approach to his patients. Dr. Kramer currently does anywhere between 5-10 penile implants per week and posts these regularly online, so patients and the world at large can see.

Website - www.kramerurology.com

Blog/Informational website on erectile dysfunction -


Please Note; Dr. Kramer/ Kramer Urology is in no way affiliated with Frank talk.

Dr. Adrian Scioli, "The American Healthcare System is broken." What consumers need to know.
February 19, 2018 10:47 AM PST

Dr. Adrian Scioli, (Doctor of Business Administration, Healthcare Management, and Operations) discusses the problems within the American Healthcare System. The fraud, waste, and abuse that seems to go unchecked or cared about at all. What consumers need to know.

Roberta Page, NCAA Divison 2, Women’s Championship Coordinator, discusses 2017, Women's Field Hockey/West Chester University/Final 6.
February 05, 2018 08:45 AM PST
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West Chester University's 2017 women's field Hockey program gets some answers to why they were excluded from the Divison Two final six. Roberta Page, NCAA Divison Two, Women’s Championship Coordinator. Reviews/explains the format used to select the Final Six.

My argument on why WCU should have been chosen:

1. Won six straight games, all must wins, while giving up only two goals/recording four shutouts.

2. Had to win out three remaining regular season games to make the PSAC playoffs.

3. Had to win three straight playoff games to capture PSAC conference Championship/beating the number One and Two seeded teams that weekend.

Seems like more than enough to me.

Part One - "A SEAL's Vision Quest: a Navy SEALs spiritual journey and a search for the gods."
July 24, 2017 07:39 AM PDT
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a Navy SEALs spiritual journey and a search for the gods."

Life UKristin Beck: Retired Navy SEAL (Team 6), transgender woman, advocate, and my friend.
May 22, 2017 07:32 AM PDT
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Topics covered – Korea, leadership skills (who has it), ISIs, china and religion.

Firefighters, their Turnout Coats and cancer. What is the connection and why will EasyDECON DF200, play such a huge role in helping to protect them.
February 06, 2017 07:21 AM PST
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Please Note – The First 15 Minutes of the show are with Intelagards president,Dennis Smagac. Right after the first break we begin the discussion on firefighters and cancer.

Why do Firefighters have higher rates of cancer? You might be surprised by some of the answers. My guests are –

Bill Banks, Business Manager for Fire Tec – website www.firetec.com

Cindy Ell, President and Founder of the Firefighter Cancer Foundation - www.ffcancer.org

Two studies on firefighters and their increased risk of getting cancer have been released in the last 8 years. The Lemasters study, released in 2006 and the CDC sponsored NIOSH Study. The NIOSH study is the largest most comprehensive study done to date on firefighters and higher cancer rates. The study ran from 1950 thru 2010 and used the Philadelphia, Chicago and San Francisco fire departments as their primary study base. When the results of the study were released, it showed conclusively that firefighters contract cancer at a far higher rate than the general public. One of the reasons for the higher rates of cancer appears to be not properly cleaning one's Turnout Gear or not cleaning it at all. There are a few reasons for this, most of them are cultural to the life of a firefighter.

TTI Success Insights - Can a test really tell you what career you should be in and your chances for success?
January 30, 2017 07:02 AM PST
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Job Matching — The Key to Performance -

There is a clear connection between engagement, performance and profit. It is imperative to drive performance results at all levels of the organization in order to seize market position and steer growth. Recruiting talented candidates is not enough; it’s crucial that people are assigned to the specific roles where their talents will have the greatest impact on achieving company goals, and where they are most likely to remain onboard fully engaged. Matching each person to the right job using the TTI SI job matching process outlined here will give you the ultimate edge over competitors: it builds a superior performance work place and boosts employee morale and engagement. When they are up, so are overall company productivity and profits.

Job matching is the science of carefully defining superior performance in each position and using objective criteria to determine who is hired. The process goes deeper than conventional employment methods to create the most comprehensive definition possible of why a job exists. It’s the science and the art of carefully matching the right person to the job that’s ideally suited for them. The result is someone who is happier on the job and has a head start towards meeting aggressive performance goals. Traditional hiring methods that use only a job description and a list of desirable technical, educational and job experiences as filters, plus a favorable interview have not worked.

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